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Millicent Cooper (Buyer)

GREAT. Love the earrings and I really enjoyed talking to you!! Wishing you and your family the best stay safe!!!

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anoosha11 (Buyer)

GREAT. You must buy from this seller!! She has an AMAZING collection. All 100% authentic and gorgeous quality. 10/10 would recommend every time. Also her packing is SO thoughtful and beautiful. I’m a forever customer now!

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JHolder (Buyer)

GREAT. My new boots are AMAZING!..., but nothing is as HIGH-END as KiKi & her CLOSET! Promised Product + PACKAGING = PERFECTION!!!!! The scent, “perfume”, that entered my home, like a well kept secret, was intoxicating! My boots, I would have paid 190., arrived in pristine condition. Boots were lined w/support board & packaged better than if I purchased at Neimans or Saks Fifth Avenue. Seriously buyers, shoppers & connoisseurs of FABULOCITY..., KiKi will assist you with sound & solid choices. Trust is EVERYTHING! I promise you, readers, this is my 1st encounter with KiKi;), but certainly not my last! Jamie

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GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

Anoosha11 (Buyer)

GREAT. You must buy from this seller!! She has an AMAZING collection. All 100% authentic and gorgeous quality. 10/10 would recommend every time. Also her packing is SO thoughtful and beautiful. I’m a forever customer now!

tbotl1022 (Buyer)

GREAT. Customer service was great!!! Love my MK wallet, and the packaging is gorgeous!!! #staysafe

JHolder (Buyer)

GREAT. My new boots are AMAZING!..., but nothing is as HIGH-END as KiKi & her CLOSET! Promised Product + PACKAGING = PERFECTION!!!!! The scent, “perfume”, that entered my home, like a well kept secret, was intoxicating! My boots, I would have paid 190., arrived in pristine condition. Boots were lined w/support board & packaged better than if I purchased at Neimans or Saks Fifth Avenue. Seriously buyers, shoppers & connoisseurs of FABULOCITY..., KiKi will assist you with sound & solid choices. Trust is EVERYTHING! I promise you, readers, this is my 1st encounter with KiKi;), but certainly not my last! Jamie

frankie (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much. Great ring. Great seller!!!


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

Jengoimei (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautifully packaged!

paulinamichaels (Buyer)

GREAT. Absolutely amazing! Fastest delivery ever - incredible packaging ! Loved it !

Suave1 (Buyer)


AvaRoseLux (Buyer)

GREAT. Better than described, great packaging and quick shipping. Great seller!

pynklemonade420 (Buyer)

GREAT. Cute packing n good communication!!

Leslie Reyes (Buyer)

GREAT. Very sweet awesome sell

JoyfulMomOf6 (Buyer)

GREAT. Very easy to work with. Packaged very nicely. Will purchase from her again.

getadeal (Buyer)

GREAT. She’s the best!!

brigida (Buyer)


Sosa Mimi (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful handbag, I love it... I will definitely buy from you again.

elp519 (Buyer)



GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

vitobianco (Buyer)


Nippon (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much , lovely

Pastor59 (Buyer)

GREAT. I would buy from this seller again. Presentation was superb and well done!

nestingduck (Buyer)

GREAT. Simply AWESOME!!!- re: both my order & the seller!!! Excellent communication, professional first-class all the way-from order to packing, to shipping & delivery! HIGHLY recommend! Love my AUTHENTIC GORGEOUS LeatheRock belts!!! Thank you SOO very much; couldn’t be happier 🙂 A+++

kennedyc123 (Buyer)

GREAT. Awesome service and packaging!! Quick shipping is an understatement 🙂

aprilmich (Buyer)


Ariel (Buyer)


jrvaltyler (Buyer)

GREAT. I am in love! Just as described, I put them on and instantly felt French! Thank you!


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

JamieWWW (Buyer)


Mrjayemvee (Buyer)

GREAT. Excellent service! Great personality! Doing business with her was fun and professional! Shoes were in excellent condition

Tatum’s Top Picks (Buyer)

GREAT. Amazing service and even better items! Absolutely in love with these earrings! Fast shipping and lovely seller 🙂


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

Cazzaraga10 (Buyer)


Beauty&fashion14 (Buyer)

GREAT. She’s an amazing person to deal with. I’m happy with my Hermes Bracelet! Thank you! 🙂

Diamond04 (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you for the Beautiful Brooch and Great customer service. Will purchase from you again

Brandon Fisher (Buyer)

GREAT. Best service I’ve had on here! Highly recommend!

narhak29 (Seller)

GREAT. Awesome buyer!!!!!

Taylors123 (Buyer)


kawaiistickers (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful brooch, very well-packaged and quickly shipped. Thank you for a great purchase!

phillylux (Seller)


Nirvana (Buyer)

GREAT. Fast shipping, love the earrings! Very friendly Thank you.

Sfender (Buyer)


ataemm (Buyer)

GREAT. Kiki is absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough great things about my experience! She was sweet and extremely fast! She fulfilled all my Chanel dreams and dare I say exceeded all my expectations. I felt like I received my gorgeous earrings right from the Chanel store. The items were packed beautifully and wonderfully. My only regret is not buying more from her. Excellent excellent seller! I will absolutely be coming back.

dbonomonte (Buyer)

GREAT. By far the greatest I have worked with

Mochagirl (Buyer)

GREAT. Ok, these are the kicks but the other post was meant for my jacket....too much excitement!!!!

Mochagirl (Buyer)

GREAT. Can't wait.....not home yet but yayy for my new kicks. I love your closet!!!


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

linesco0418 (Buyer)

GREAT. I’ve purchased from this seller before and have still not been disappointed! I’ve had the best buying experience with her! Will continue to shop her closet 😉

Lan Anh (Buyer)


Freepzza (Buyer)


Alyssa C (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful earrings, great packaging, wonderful communicative seller! Thank you!

tekro-24 (Seller)


Christopher Raffin (Buyer)

GREAT. Can’t wait to do business again

rosie (Buyer)

GREAT. Best Mercari experience!!

tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


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tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


NickisCloset (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautful bag soo worth it!! Highly recommend lovely seller

tekro-24 (Seller)


christina (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful piece

Thanh Le (Buyer)


tekro-24 (Seller)


JulezRoom (Buyer)

GREAT. The best seller on Mercari! Absolutely amazing packaging, shipping time, care, and communication! I can't recommend Kiki's closet enough! Thank you so much!

Roz16 (Buyer)

GREAT. She is amazing trusted seller! She knows what she has and is so sweet to work with... she helps with understanding a few things.. all you have to do is ask .. I adore her and I am great full I made a new friend and a trustworthy for all my favorite brand name gooodies .. thanks again

Kamilah Powell (Buyer)

GREAT. Will absolutely be shopping Kiki’s Closet again! Thank you!!!

Kate (Buyer)

GREAT. Holy smokes did this seller come through! She was willing to take less than her asking price, she communicates well, her closet is on point (her prices are freaking great as it is but I always appreciate the willingness of a seller to go lower than their asking price) and the packaging was beautiful! Definitely would recommend and will probably shop it again myself!

andrea2000 (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much!

dbonomonte (Buyer)

GREAT. Kiki's closet was a pleasure to do business with looking forward to more great deals fro them

a2_sales (Seller)

GREAT. Very fast rater! And never complained!

tekro-24 (Seller)


urbanglow (Buyer)

GREAT. Best seller I’ve ever encountered on mercari very friendly


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

Queen.b (Buyer)

GREAT. Super nice super sweet great seller will def buy from her again !!!

Julianapouldar (Seller)


Treasure closet (Buyer)

GREAT. Such a friendly and caring seller from start to finish will buy again

Suzes Q Val (Buyer)

GREAT. The most seamless online purchase I have ever made!! This seller is responsive and truly

in_doubt_shop_it_out (Buyer)


rhs (Buyer)


JulezRoom (Buyer)

GREAT. Absolutely amazing! Everything from communication to packaging to item to the delivery time was unmatched! Thank you so much!


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

mycuprunover (Buyer)

GREAT. They are so beautiful, the picture didn’t do justice, great seller would definitely buy again thank you for my first pair of earrings!

sassyass (Buyer)


Cynthia Wilson (Buyer)

GREAT. She made me feel very comfortable while awaiting my purchase. She is passionate and devoted to her items.From the moment I submitted my payment i had no worries. I did see the same item hundreds of dollars cheaper but not sure if I would have gotten the same service. Thank you KiKi

Kaithegreat (Buyer)

GREAT. I love it!!! Thank you so much!!!

tekro-24 (Seller)


Cassandrakatz1 (Buyer)

GREAT. Comunication above a 10 the packaging out of the house of chanel very pleased with the seller the earrings are gorgeous just as described will do business again

jfiorela09 (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful earrings! Very pleased with the customer service. She ensured that I was updated with the shipping process and that I was happy with my shopping experience. I highly recommend this seller, it has been a great experience and will buy again.

Rosey (Buyer)


K10x (Buyer)

GREAT. Wow!!! Thank you so much. Shipping was lightning fast. Very friendly seller. Item was exactly as described. I’ve never had a better experience with any other seller. Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Beachygirl69 (Buyer)

GREAT. Absolutely can not say enough about Kiki is closet lay conversations the information the turtle open this and just amazing communication the bag came as promised along with the other items that way purchased and just can't say enough thank you so much

SarahK (Buyer)

GREAT. Y’all I had the pleasure of getting to know the CEO behind Kiki’s Closet a bit. Her customer service reflects her respectful, reassuring, kind, and prompt service! Not only does she make sure that you like what you receive, but she also puts her heart and soul into going above and beyond for you to love what you bought, not only like it. If I could rate Kiki’s Closet at a billion rather than a 5/5, I most certainly would have!! I was a very new customer at Mercari and she made me feel nothing less than amazed!! She was tracking the item every step of the way and even sent me the UPS tracking number!! As for the packaging, it was nothing short of spectacular! Meticulously packaged (I bought a pair of Chanel earrings) and in mint condition! The confetti, her letter, the chanel box and pouch-all were there!! She was even kind enough to upload a picture of the receipt for me!! I truly believe I recieved the type of service if I were to go into a Chanel store. Excellent seller!

s00 (Buyer)


julie.gibbs (Buyer)

GREAT. If I could give 10 stars I would! Beautifully packaged and thoughtful seller.

DayaRam (Buyer)


DayaRam (Buyer)

GREAT. I can’t Thank you enough Kikis Closet your service is the best I ever had , you always make sure that everything is perfect and your clients are happy .thank you with all my heart . I wish there were more than 5 stars in the reviews, you deserve many like in heaven:)))

lizzy (Buyer)

GREAT. Purses were beautiful very nicely packaged even received them next day shipping... excellent service

Joseph Hamilton (Buyer)

GREAT. WOW! Kiki’s Closet is truly a top notch seller. I received my item quickly and as described, the packaging was absolutely beautiful, and the seller was a dream to work with! Her kindness and friendly conversation was amazing and I hope to do business with her again!

wjparker22 (Buyer)

GREAT. AMAZING SELLER!!!! I could literally describe everything amazing but then I’d just be going on and on, lol!!! SHE IS THE BEST!! LITERALLY #1!!!

ghc301 (Buyer)


Shaltom (Buyer)


Nancybenitez (Buyer)


The ClosetChronicles (Buyer)

GREAT. This woman is truly amazing! I had no idea that upon requesting information about one of her items that I would be offered such genuine & compassionate service. She took such care to inform me about the item & was super honest about all the item’s details/flaws; I felt really comfortable about purchasing. She was reassuring even after I purchased the item. She stayed in contact through every step of the way, letting me know that she did a deep cleaning of the item, when to expect it, etc. (BTW, it smelled AMAZING when I received and opened my package.) NOW, THE EXCITING PART: I get my package, and as I stated earlier the inside of the box smelled lovely!! I literally smelled flowers as soon as I opened the box. 🙂 In addition, the packaging was beautiful! I mean tissue paper, confetti, the whole thing.:) My item was exactly as described, but better. She really put time & care into my whole experience & I truly appreciate it. I will definitely purchase again & would highly recommend.

kshearer44 (Buyer)

GREAT. Beautiful sunglasses carefully packaged & shipped- Definitely a Top notch seller! Thank you 🙂

DayaRam (Buyer)

GREAT. Awesome seller,highly recommended!!! Beautiful and expressive packaging,...and such a nice person,she is wonderful. Thank you very much for my new closet with style 🙂

Shana (Buyer)


kimberly (Buyer)

GREAT. Great packaging !!! Shoes are beautiful!!

Selinda (Buyer)

GREAT. Wonderful seller! KiKi’s Closet gave me a great deal and shipped out my package right away with care. When I opened my package it looked beautiful and you could tell that she really extra time to make sure that things looked nice. The earrings were gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing from her again soon. Ten out of ten experience!

keeks (Buyer)

GREAT. A1 seller! Thank you sm!

Leuqar J. (Buyer)

GREAT. V nice seller, awesome transaction 🙂 will buy more items from her.

MGJ (Buyer)

GREAT. Everything is perfect!

tekro-24 (Seller)


tekro-24 (Seller)


Justyh (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much. Great seller you won’t be disappointed

LadyCollection (Seller)

GREAT. Great buyer!!!

Sam (Seller)

GREAT. thank you for your purchase and quick response.

Franchesca (Buyer)

GREAT. Great seller!!!! Thank you so much. Love the shoes, extra clean, just like you describe them! Packaging above and beyond, very professional! Thanks for the dustbag I wasn't expecting that, I love it

jza.x0 (Buyer)

GREAT. Omg where do I even begin?! The price is unbeatable. The perk of having the fast, next day shipping, unmatched. The fact that the product was in crisp condition and described to the T was an A+. Then on top of that the presentation...unbelievable! Never seen anything like that from a seller on this site! The seller was also an AMAZING communicator and I felt the sincerity just by reading the words through the screen. My purchase was a surprise gift for my boyfriend and he was so shocked, along with myself bc it exceeded my expectations. I would 10/10 recommended and will DEFINITELY purchase again. Thank you so much!

Tram Tong (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you !!! Very happy with my purchase!!!

LiliBravo (Buyer)

GREAT. In great condition love it thank you. 🙂

loves_style (Seller)

GREAT. Thank you! 🙂

ehj95 (Buyer)

GREAT. Very quick responses. Makes sure you’re taken care of. Would defiantly buy again from her!

Marcus Shollenberger (Buyer)

GREAT. Simply put, this amazing seller is as good as they get on Mercari! Communication is unmatched, the sellers kindness goes beyond what I can explain. Oh and the speed in shipping, enough said; fell asleep right after my purchase and my item dang near arrived upon walking up. I can’t say enough about this seller, if you happen to be lucky enough to find an item available for purchase from Kikis Closet just hit the Buy button and know your purchase will be worth it. I haven’t even mentioned how perfect the shoes were. In these trying times we are ALL facing today, this seller made the consumer #1. Thanks again Kikis Closet.

Gina (Buyer)

GREAT. I do not have enough positive things to say! So kind and understanding, incredible packaging, great customer service...10/10/10/10!!

Joanie Carter (Buyer)


Alinga (Buyer)


LiliBravo (Buyer)

GREAT. Love the ring thank you 🙂

tripstaglam (Buyer)

GREAT. Seller is awesome. Purse arrived literally in a day! The packaging was phenomenal! By far the best packaging I have ever seen. I will be purchasing again. Love how easy it was to communicate with you and have really enjoyed talking with selIer. You're awesome!


GREAT. Transaction complete. This message is an automated posting by Mercari.

Gaby Gagliano (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much ! I love the bracelet and will be wearing it a lot !!

Delta1987 (Buyer)

GREAT. REPEAT SATISFIED CUSTOMER!! I promise you will not be disappointed when you shop with this Seller! She is meticulous with her packaging and includes the sweetest notes to show her appreciation. Every item I purchased was in EXCELLENT condition!

Peaceminusone (Buyer)

GREAT. Love it, perfect fit! Thank you for everything, very friendly seller & fast shipping, thank you :)!

Issa FullTime Daddie (Buyer)


mslady64 (Buyer)

GREAT. This bag is just as beautiful as the seller. If I didn’t love the bag which I do I would not have matter because the conversation with the seller about the bag was priceless will buy from her again.

Lira ( Lmyster ) (Buyer)

GREAT. Love ❤️ them thank you. They are a little snug but I guess once they’re worn they’ll give. But I love them

dsweets136 (Buyer)

GREAT. So excited to have finally found these shoes in my size! Thank you KiKi for your communication and prompt shipping!

Duyenanh Tran (Buyer)


Dillan Foster (Buyer)


Sevanna (Buyer)

GREAT. I love them perfect fit 🙂

jcua (Buyer)

GREAT. Pleasant to do business with .

Maci’s Mom (Buyer)

GREAT. A+++++++++ Amazing seller, amazing product ! Would recommend 100 times over!!

Tammy Yarbrough Sipu (Buyer)

GREAT. Boots were in really great shape. The packing was wonderful.

Modesto Martinez (Buyer)


efrain908 (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you!

llm3261 (Buyer)


Dj (Buyer)


Erin Foster (Buyer)

GREAT. Great jacket. Described perfect!

Leah Jones Pitcher (Buyer)

GREAT. I love the glasses!! Thank you so much for the case and cleaning cloth! You're so sweet!!

Mamabear84 (Buyer)


kimberly (Buyer)


ShellsBells78 (Buyer)


Elena (Buyer)


Kimmy5 (Buyer)


ktkt95032 (Buyer)

GREAT. Item just as described. Awesome packaging. Great condition

Rayvon Gordon (Buyer)


Evangeline Pantaleon (Buyer)

GREAT. It was a complete pleasure she’s lovely absolutely perfect from start to finish!!

allicity (Buyer)

GREAT. The seller was very accommodating to questions and was very friendly as well!

Raynald Davidson (Buyer)

GREAT. Looking forward to dealing with you again..., :^)

fmgh4 (Buyer)

GREAT. Excellent Seller! Exactly as described and quick shipping! Thank you!

VintagePeak (Buyer)

GREAT. One of the best sellers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

jgilmartin (Buyer)

GREAT. This is how sales should go! Great communication, honest, and accurate. Thank you for the help with everything and thank you for helping me take care of my wife with the new LV shoes.


GREAT. Thank you so much for everything!! My daughter and my son love their clothes so much and it smells so wonderful!!. If I can give you one million stars I would. Excellent customer service. The package is packed with care. I highly recommend to everyone!!! Thanks again and I will be back next time:)

shoppingwithbecca (Seller)


Kanskater (Buyer)


Annie’sCloset (Buyer)

GREAT. Bag was in very nice condition and very fast shipping! Thank you so much for the note as well, will try to purchase again in the future! 🙂

Nowell03 (Buyer)

GREAT. Great seller, would do business again anytime! A+++

Robert Ray (Buyer)


Nikki {snooks} (Buyer)

GREAT. ❤️Amazingly thorough on all aspects! 😉 Pleasant & reasonable seller. I believe this will be my 3rd purchase from KiKi & it def won't be the last! 😉 She goes above & beyond, luv all my extra goodies and of course im wearing the Timbs rite now!! Lol ...psst, &I bettah be the 1st to see ur other listings! Lol =} ❤️ ❤️❤️

SecretTreasures (Buyer)


Murphy MacManus (Buyer)

GREAT. Simply perfect jacket at a great price from a lovely seller. Thank you!

cooldogs (Buyer)

GREAT. My favorite seller!

crazy (Buyer)

GREAT. Kiki’s Closet is awesome!!! Very friendly and great to work with!!

retailgroupie (Buyer)


LIZ1027@ (Buyer)

GREAT. Love the dress! Thank you!

creepitreal (Buyer)


asklebar (Buyer)

GREAT. Great packaging! Shipped as soon as possible and item was in perfect condition!:)

Bargincenter24-7 (Buyer)

GREAT. Smooth Transaction Thank You

Renée Maxwell (Buyer)


TColes424 (Buyer)


legri7 (Buyer)

GREAT. My dress was as advertised, beautiful and quick shipping. I absolutely loved everything about my purchase from the sellers communication, tips, honesty and friendliness. She didn't have to do it but she did. I was already following her, now I'm looking forward to my next purchase. Once again, thank you. Be blessed!

Delta1987 (Buyer)

GREAT. This is by far the absolute BEST Seller I’ve encountered on Mercari. EXTREMELY meticulous in packaging, shipping, extra goodies and personal message. Item was exactly as described. I can’t wait to shop with you again & again & again!! Blessings!

808heaters (Buyer)

GREAT. Great experience! Seller was friendly and I love the shoes. Perfect pair for my daughter. Thanks!

cooldogs (Buyer)

GREAT. My new favorite seller!

Boo-boo (Buyer)

GREAT. Very friendly seller. 🙂

celine (Seller)

GREAT. Very nice buyer! Enjoy!

kdawg23 (Buyer)


Chris (Buyer)

GREAT. Excellent seller! Thank you for everything! 🙂

maxiiee (Buyer)

GREAT. This was by far the best seller I have came across on this app! I am more then happy with my purchase ! I wish I can upload a picture! The packaging was the best! The seller was awesome! Just so happy with the experience!!! Thank you!!!!

AlternativeCatLady (Buyer)

GREAT. Best interaction I've ever had on mercari. Looking forward to doing more business with you!

4evryc (Buyer)

GREAT. Wow! Gorgeous! Love love! Thank you!

gloria (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so much!!! I love the packaging!!!

scientist98168 (Buyer)

GREAT. Superfast shipment, item as described, outstanding communication

Yui’s (Buyer)

GREAT. Item was shipped fast, nice seller open to offers, super nice packaging. Thank you!

coolbeans101 (Buyer)

GREAT. OMG such great packaging it came with me stickers which I didn’t even expect plenty of protection in case it got bumped around in the move and she was so nice I will probably buy from her again

Blake Kanan (Seller)


Kathy Noumi (Buyer)

GREAT. Amazing belt and even better seller! Super sweet and great communication. Thank you! Loooove my belt so much!

Blake Kanan (Seller)


Amalfi16 (Buyer)

GREAT. Very Honest Seller! 🙂 will try to recommend to all my friends!

Bellasunny (Seller)


ajazing (Buyer)

GREAT. great communicator, negotiable, phenomenal packaging, and ships very fast. i really appreciate my purchase and looking forward to doing more business in the near future

BEASY (Buyer)

GREAT. Reviews say it all! Super dooper person, great packaging, great product, super quick delivery! As promised, Thank you. Item was as described. Very great seller with great integrity pays attention to detail. If I could give more stars I would. Will be shopping again!

ABL3 (Buyer)


MissShrds (Buyer)

GREAT. Always willing to negotiate, fast shipper and probably the cutest packaging ever. Seller goes that extra mile to make the buyer happy and im always willing to go back to this seller.

myglimpse2u (Seller)


Strong Woman!!!!!!! (Buyer)

GREAT. Wowwwww thank you so much ,I wish I could send a pic.I love them ,great packaging.I will definitely follow you on Mercari.

Carlitos (Buyer)

GREAT. Such a fantastic seller, loved everything thank you so much! Will definitely be looking out for more products

Gwen Tyler (Buyer)


SecretTreasures (Buyer)

GREAT. Thank you so very much! I love my boots they are in excellent condition, very nicely packaged and your customer service is superior. I will be purchasing more

Susan R (Buyer)

GREAT. I love them. Thank you!

Larry Mania (Buyer)


WorldThruMyEyez (Buyer)

GREAT. This buying experience was so pleasurable. Thank you for the dilligent and creative packaging. Item is beautiful and, as described. Would highly recommend . Coming back for more, for sureeee xoxo.

MS443go (Buyer)


Rebecca Piersol (Buyer)


NT RE$ELL (Buyer)


Huny1bunz (Buyer)


john25 (Buyer)

GREAT. Wow can i give you more than 5stars, the item as described and very fast shipping. Thank you so much.

linesco0418 (Buyer)

GREAT. LOVE LOVE LOVE the belt! She was very quick to answer any questions and packed the belt I ordered beautifully! Would definitely buy from her again!

Ss45 (Buyer)

GREAT. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my shoes! Super AWESOME seller, so nice and friendly! Would buy from her any time!! Thank you so much!

Bertandnadine (Buyer)

GREAT. 100% service. Shipped fast and item was just as described. Don’t hesitate to buy!

Blessed In Fashion (Buyer)

GREAT. By FAR...THE BEST SELLER EVER. The items she sells are incredibly gorgeous. Fast shipment. Boxed so professionally. With a cute box. Beautiful soul. If everyone was like this seller, the world would be PERFECT. Many thanks.

flowerrdgz (Buyer)


Krissylex (Buyer)

GREAT. On time delivery, shoes as described or better for the price. Nice packaging, it was wrapped like a nice Christmas gift.

Ravin1226 (Buyer)

GREAT. That you love the purse!

DanielCheek97 (Buyer)

GREAT. Very friendly and communicative. I’d do business with Kiki’s any day!

kiris (Buyer)


Jennifer (Buyer)


Laura Vu (Buyer)

GREAT. Really is a very nice seller, offered extra pictures and answered all my questions. I got a great bundle deal!

Amanda P (Buyer)


Phitiri11 (Buyer)

GREAT. Awesome seller super sweet beautiful packaging!

gcdy0289 (Buyer)


Mdris (Buyer)

GREAT. One of the best sellers I have worked with on this app! Incredibly kind and willing to answer any questions I had about the item. Took the time to package beautifully, including a handwritten note! Thank you very much! I will definitely be back to shop again.

MayoKicks (Buyer)

GREAT. She is very professional please support her great seller overall highly recommended

dgibson44 (Buyer)


Lorelie Arcalas (Buyer)


highdeelight (Buyer)

GREAT. Shoes were as described. Packaging was great, I even got little gifts from the seller. The note was the cherry on top. I highly recommend this seller!

Pili (Buyer)

GREAT. Great seller, beautiful packaging, and super fast shipping, thanks!!!!!

durnaba (Buyer)

GREAT. Thanks! Love them!

bsnayd (Buyer)


edb (Buyer)

GREAT. 1000000000 stars if I could!! Greatest seller EVER. She should write a book on how to sell items. BEST SALE EVERRRRRRRR!!! I honestly have to say, probably top 5 sales experience in my life, from the communication, friendliness, and of course the AMAZING repackaging. 10000/10000 would purchase from again.

DisneyLover (Buyer)

GREAT. Awesome seller, a real pleasure to do business with! Thank you!

SimpleSales (Buyer)

GREAT. Just an awesome seller in so many ways!

Katewebster (Buyer)

GOOD. Great to communicate with, extremely fast shipping. Bag had very strong odor that I was not expecting. Hoping I can air it out.

DE – JOSEPH (Buyer)


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